Cadee Rockwell is a visual artist that describes the world around her through bold colors and expressive brushwork in her paintings. Since she was young, Cadee always felt an urge to create. At that time, she was less concerned with a finished product and more focused on using art as a tool for expression and communication. This feeling never ceased but instead grew into a passion and her style began to emerge. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art and Psychology in 2012 from Moravian college in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. After college, Cadee took a job outside the art world but continued as a commission artist. It was not until 2016 that Cadee decided to put painting forefront in her life and devote the time and attention to her art that it required. She opened an online store and began advertising and showing her work locally. She creates one of a kind art pieces choosing vibrant color combinations and unique textures.

Cadee finds inspiration in nature. She looks for unique color relationships, organic shapes, lines and textures. She also closely connects to impressionism and post-impressionism. She finds the online art community through social networking a source of inspiration and motivation as well. When not painting, she is exploring new places with her husband or cuddling with her two dogs in beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania.


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